Travel Vaccinations

Most NHS practices provide a travel service, but the NHS only covers vaccinations for a few of the more common disease vaccinations. We offer a comprehensive service for all travelers, whether for short last minute vacations, or more complex itineraries. In addition, Malaria prophylaxis and Altitude medication can be arranged. All vaccinations, to prevent common as well as more unusual diseases, administered by a highly experienced doctor.

Please be aware that Yellow Fever certificates are only valid ten days after vaccination is given. Consultation fee, for the first appointment only, is £25

Disease Name Vaccine Name Cost per dose Doses usually required. Available on NHS?
Meningitis B Bexsero £128 2-4 Age dependent
Meningitis ACWY Menveo £68 1 No
Chicken Pox Varivax £82 2 No
Shingles Zostavax £185 1 Age dependent
Rabies Verorab £64 3 No
Yellow Fever Stamaril £65 1 No
Hepatitis A Avaxim £49 2 Yes
Hepatitis A (Paediatric) Vaqta £38 2 Yes
Hepatitis B HBVaxPro £39 3-4 Sometimes
Hepatitis B (Paediatric) HBVaxPro Paed £30 3-4 Sometimes
Combined Hepatitis A&B Twinrix £65 Varies Sometimes
Typhoid Typhim Vi £30 1 Yes
Typhoid & Hepatitis A Viatim £84 Varies Yes
Tickborne Encephalitis Ticovac £65 2 No
Polio/Tetanus/Diptheria Revaxis £37 1 Yes
Japanes Encephalitis Ixiaro £88 2 No
Pneumonia Pneumovax £39 1 Yes
Measles, Mumps, Rubella MMR £38 1 Yes
Malaria Malarone £3.50 each Varies No
Malaria Malarone paediatric £2 each Varies No
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Gardasil £153 3 Sometimes
Cholera Dukoral £45 2 No

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